Contractors, subcontractors and owners typically encounter standard form contracts published by industry groups. Consequently, the pitfalls and potentially problematic contract language appearing in such forms are generally understood and routines are established in-house by contractors to review and decide on the adequacy of contracts and subcontracts. However, in many cases, owners, engineers, architects, contractors and subcontractors alike develop their own forms with provisions and language not typically encountered. In other instances, unique features of some projects require custom contracts or significant modification to industry forms. Our expertise – both legal and actual in-the-field – provides a unique perspective for our counsel and advice as we guide and assist clients through the process of drafting and negotiating contracts. We have also developed custom form contracts for our owner, contractor and subcontractor clients. These custom contracts are adaptable to a variety of projects and circumstances so that our clients receive the legal protection they desire, balanced by the need to be responsive to the competitive pressures of the marketplace.