The attorneys and staff of Kraftson Caudle realize that providing quality service for our Clients is equally important as providing quality work.  Through this Client Service Policy we are setting goals for the representation of our Clients by which we expect our performance to be measured.  It is our express goal to become your law firm of choice, but not simply for the duration of any particular project—we view each representation as the opportunity to demonstrate that we deserve our Clients’ trust.

We will meet deadlines. We will promptly return all telephone calls, e-mails and correspondence. We will respond to a matter based on the urgency determined by the Client.

Prior to beginning a project, we will work with our Client to establish expectations and a plan to timely and successfully accomplish our Clients’ goals within cost parameters commensurate with the complexity and value of the particular matter. We will inform our Clients of developments, progress and decisions they need to make. We will make our best efforts to exceed our Client’s expectations. We will solicit feedback from our Clients on the quality of our work and the quality of our service.


Our attorneys focus on the construction and government contracts industries. We attend industry meetings and write for industry publications. In accepting the representation of a client, we will seek to develop a comprehensive understanding of the particular business considerations and challenges that bear upon our representation.

Members of our Firm can be reached any time of day or night during the week or weekends. Our staff will know where we are and how we can be reached. We will travel to our Clients offices and project sites.

We will seek to understand our Clients’ values and provide such value to our Clients. We will advise our Clients when we believe their staff or others can provide the same service at a reduced cost. We will use state of the art technology processes and procedures to provide our services efficiently and economically. We will not over staff any project.  We will seek to match levels of expertise and experience with the requirements of each particular project at all times striving for the highest benefit balanced with cost.

The project, client needs and client expectations will be defined before work begins. Senior members of our Firm will provide the vision for the work assigned and will supervise more junior members. Both during work on a project and after completion, we will seek feedback from our Clients. We will reward our attorneys and staff for providing outstanding service to our Clients.